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Quorn and Tofu based recipes

Quorn and Tofu based

Asparagus and Quorn Cous-Cous
Asparagus and Quorn Cous-Cous ..

Cajun Quorn Burgers with Salsa
Another recipe for the ever diverse qourn, with a full cajun taste. ..

Chicken Style Quorn Low Fat Fajitas
A vegetarian take on a low-fat dieting recipe that did originally use chicken prices. Substiuting the quorn pieces for the chicken needs you to amend your cooking times. ..

Chinese style spinach tofu
The dish cooks really quickly, so it is a good idea to have all the ingredients prepared ready. ..

Make Mexican enchiladas for the whole family ..

Microwave Quorn Curry
About as easy as a microwave curry can be. ..

One Pot Quorn Casserole
Not quite my mums tata ash, but a very robust quorn casserole. The slower you cook it the fuller the flavour. ..

Oriental Quorn with Leeks, Chilli & Ginger
Serve with noodles or rice. ..

Quorn & Vegetable Pasta Bake
Makes an excellent light meal on its own, or serve with a side salad and crusty or garlic bread for a main meal. You can substitute thickly sliced aubergine for the quorn pieces if you would prefer. ..

Quorn and Mushroom Stroganoff
One of my favourite, if occaisional, recipes before going veggie was a decent stroganoff. This vegetarian stroganoff using quorn at the core, is a good alternative. ..

Quorn and Mushroom Stroganoff
Tasty family recipe using the ever versatile Quorn pieces ..

Quorn Biryani
A one pot meal, very filling with the taste of India. One or two natural yoghurt based dips will go well with this vegetarian biryani dish ..

Quorn Bolognese
A family favourite made easy. Delicious Quorn Mince is so versatile... ..

Quorn Casserole
Easy quorn casserole. ..

Quorn Chicken Style Pieces Tetrazzini
Relatively easy quorn dish that works well, I usually serve with a bed of brown rice. ..

Quorn Chili Con Carne
Very simple chilli recipe using Quorn as the meat substitute. ..

Quorn Cottage Pie
Really just a simple cottage pie recipe that substitutes the quorn mince for the mince meat. Works well. Serve with one or two portions of plainly cooked vegetables; broccoli, cauliflower, etc. ..

Quorn Lasagne
A perfect vegetarian recipe for quorn mince. You'd never know you were not eating a traditional lasagne. ..

Quorn Samosas
Do you miss those little Samosas. Try a pretty good veggie samosa recipie. ..

Quorn Semur Daging
The smooth combination of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon gives this dish a really distinctive Malaysian flavour. Serve with boiled rice. ..

Quorn Tikka Masala
The ever popular Tikka Masala using Quorn pieces to make this a wonderful veggie recipe. ..

Slow Cooker Sweet & Sour Quorn
Not a perfect sweet and sour, but about as easy and simple as you can get. Serve with rice. ..

Sweet & Sour Quorn & Vegetable Stir Fry
I could eat take-away sweet and sour every day if I could afford it. And it is one of the few dishes that tempt my vegetarian choice. Few Chinese take-aways do a vegetable sweet and sour as good as their meat based sweet and sour dishes. This quorn ..

Tofu And Barley Stew With Winter Squash
We all love comfort foods - you know the ones, creamy, thick and rich and they make you feel so good, you want to snuggle up with your bowl and shut out the world .. and its accompanying stress and tension. This smooth, silky barley stew laden with v ..

Tofu and Pepper Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Garlic and tomato flavoured cabbage leaves ..

Tofu BBQ Skewers
I like this recipe because nothing can really taste bad once it's been BBQed and got a little sauce on it. It's easy to prepare, all fresh ingredients, and oh so healthy. Oh, and the kids will eat it too! ..

Tofu Burgers
Tofu Burgers - For a more intense flavor, you can skip step 2 and just add the raw ingredients to step 3 -For a yummy twist, try using a herbed or seaweed tofu. ..

Tofu Spaghetti Surprise
I was put off tofu at an early stage in my vegetanariansm, but this is one of the few tofu recipes I can not only cope with, but thoroughly enjoy. ..

Tofu Veggie Curry
I love everything curry, tried this one and can recommend. ..

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