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Pasta based

Pasta based

Favourite Macaroni Pie
A simple macaroni recipe without any cheese in sight. It could not be any simpler to make and it works well. ..

Good Vegan Lasagna
A surprisingly good vegan lasagna recipe. I'm not normally a great fan of tofu, but I do get in specially for this particular veggie lasagne recipe. ..

Macaroni and Cheese
A near perfect macaroni cheese recipe for vegetarians. ..

Macaroni Cheese
A macaroni cheese recipe that works well for me. Another good vegetarian recipe with pasta at the core. ..

Malay Style Fried Noodles
A favourite amongst many locals in Malaysia; a spicy & tangy noodle dish complemented by the sweet taste of shrimp and cabbage and cooled with a cucumber garnish. Perfect for lunch or dinner ..

Manicotti with Cheese Filling
A nice change from the usual veggie bolognaise, the mixture of cheeses does offer a very Italian taste sensation. ..

Pasta Shells Florentine
There are so many pasta dishes open to vegetarians and this is one of my preferred recipes. ..

Pasta Stuffed Peppers
Serve with a side salad. ..

Roasted Aubergine and Garlic Over Linguine
A wonderful use of Aubergines / Egg plant. ..

Sesame Noodles with Fresh Vegetables
Big portion recipe for a rather tasty sesame noodles. ..

Spaghettini With Zucchini And Rosemary
Rosemary gives this savoury pasta sauce a distinct, yet not overpowering, flavour. Garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment. ..

Vegan Cheesalike with Penne Pasta
This vegan cheese a like and pasta recipe has the texture and thickness of riccotta, but the flavour of onion and garlic and peppers. ..

Vegetable Chow Mein
Noodles stir-fried with vegetables and classic Chinese flavourings such as garlic, ginger and sesame oil, make up this popular dish. Serve as a vegetarian main course. ..

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