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Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Vegetarian soups cover a wide range of dishes, from light starters to thick winter broths. Many are filling, nutritious; enough for a meal in themselves.

Soup is a great way to disguise unpopular vegetables for children. If lumps are unpopular with toddlers, the liquidiser makes all things equal.

Another wonderful thing about those wanting to experiment with vegetarian soup recipes is that nothing is written in stone. Extra vegetables, or quantities can be added, substituted or ignored without the recipe falling apart.

American Black Bean Soup
Not always easy to find all the ingredients in the UK, but a spciy favourite when we can. ..

Artichoke Soup
We once had a veg basket with artichokes in, and no idea of what to do with them. This is one of the recipes we experimented with and were pleasantly surprised.smrtovnice

Bounty Blend Butternut Squash Apple Soup
A vegetarian recipe utlising squash, that I found on the internet when given a squash someone had grown. Very nice! ..

Bread Soup
A thoroughly filling and warming winter soup for veggies. ..

Broccoli Chowder
A real American recipe for Veggie Broccoli Chowder. For all those in the UK who watch the films, and idly wonder what a chowder is, here's your chance :o) ..

Cabbage Soup
Cabbage soup is supposed to be a good recipe for various diets, as cabbage soup contains a healthy selection of vitamins and minerals. But that doesn't mean it has to taste like a diet dish. ..

Cabbage Soup - French
I think this is an older recipe than most for cabbage soup, it goes down well, and has plenty of the healthy stuff for a pick-me-up when you're under the weather. ..

Caper Soup
A vegetarian soup recipe for when you want something a little different. ..

Carrot Soup
A fairly straightforward recipe for a vegetarian carrot soup. A little spicier than some I've tried for the inclusion of the mace and the celery too. ..

Carrot Soup 2
A nice and simple carrot soup recipeprodaja stanova pik smrtovnice avaz . ..

Carrot Soup 3
A healthy, filling carrot soup recipe ..

Cauliflower Soup
A nice and basic cauliflower soup recipe for veggies everywhere. ..

Celery & Hazelnut Soup
Super and easy celery soup with a tongue teasing hint of hazelnuts. ..

Celery Soup
An old celery soup, which calls for sago, which I guess is little used these days. ..

Clear Celery Soup
A light clear soup that goes well with crusty chunks of bread and a quiet moment. ..

Clear Soup
Easy peasy clear vegetable soup. ..

Clear Soup with Dumplings
A fairly straightforward vegetable soup with dumplings. You can liquidise keeping the vegetables for a thicker, fuller flavour veggie soup. ..

French Onion Soup
A cheesy alternative for French onion soup, well worth a try. ..

French Soup
A hearty soup recipe I'd recommend, simple to make and reasonably inexpensive too. ..

Haricot Soup
A very straight forward vegetarian soup recipe, like all pulse recipes it needs forward planning as dried haricot beans need soaking overnight first. A filling, warming soup recipe. ..

Italian Soup
I keep this easy vegetarian soup recipe on hand for when I end up with a block of dried out cheese. Or when we have a different cheese with a harder rind. It is a tasty recipe, different according to the cheese used and very easy to make. ..

Leek and Potato Soup
A Leek and Potato soup recipe, for those cold winter days, when all you really want is a blanket, and to be curled up on the settee, with an old movie on the telly. ..

Leek Soup
One of my daughters favourite soup recipes. ..

Lentil & Rice Soup
A simple soup that can be adapted to taste. Like adding at least another cup of veggies - like chopped carrots or zucchini. I've also added a bit of curry and it was very tasty. Play with it! ..

Lentil Noodle soup
I didnt add the noodles and it was still great! Really,Really good recipe! ..

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Vegetarian Soup Recipes

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