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Recently Added Vegetarian Recipes

Recently added vegetarian recipes.

Cauliflower Pie.
A cauliflower and potato pie recipe that goes well for Sunday dinner from time to time. We usually serve with a colourful vegetable like carrots and a jug of vegetarian gravy. ..

Clear Soup with Dumplings
A fairly straightforward vegetable soup with dumplings. You can liquidise keeping the vegetables for a thicker, fuller flavour veggie soup. ..

Oatmeal Bannocks
If I cook too much porridge this is the recipe I will use to use it up. Yum b' yum. I can eat a plateful on my own. ..

Carrot Soup
A fairly straightforward recipe for a vegetarian carrot soup. A little spicier than some I've tried for the inclusion of the mace and the celery too. ..

Moroccan Style Vegetarian Couscous
Straight forward vegetarian couscous recipe with a taste of northern Africa to it. Super quick and great with salads and more. ..

Veggie Doughnuts
I could seriously go fat on doughnuts, and I fight the urge certainly on a monthly basis. When I relent, this is the recipe for veggie doughnuts that I use. Hmmmmmmmm. ..

Crisp Oatmeal Cakes
This recipe is well over a hundred years old, and one of the things I love about it, is the cook direct on the hob, like an agar, and to dry by the fire. You obviously in this day and age need to improvise a little; I cook mine in a moderate oven unt ..

Bulgur Wheat with Vegetables
I'd bought a packet of bulgur wheat on a fitness thinking spree in the supermarket, and then didn't find a bulgar wheat recipe until it was almost out of date. This is that bulgur wheat recipe, and a pretty good one it is too. ..

Butter Beans with Parsley SauceButter Beans with Parsley Sauce
A straight forward veggie main course meal with one of my favourites; butter beans at the heart of the recipe. ..

Barley Soup
A great winter soup for veggies. ..

Haricot Soup
A very straight forward vegetarian soup recipe, like all pulse recipes it needs forward planning as dried haricot beans need soaking overnight first. A filling, warming soup recipe. ..

Lentil Rissoles
A delicate vegetarian rissole recipe, with the ever-versatile lentil at the heart of the dish. As with all pulses it does take some time to cook, so I often combine this with another long-winded dish to make the most of my time. ..

Perfect Hard Boiled EggsPerfect Hard Boiled Eggs
Perfect hard boiled eggs! No dark grey around the yolk, no rubbery textture. Perfect every time. How long do you boil an egg when you want it hard boiled .. 10 minutes, 5 minutes or not at all? ..

Crazy Paved EggsCrazy Paved Eggs
A very, very simple recipe that gives very cool and crazy looking boiled eggs for salads, buffets, picnics and anywhere else you'll want a boiled egg!smrtovnice

Rice Fritters
A fairly simple, not exactly healthy, and thoroughly rewarding to the taste buds, vegetarian rice fritter recipe. ..

Potato Souffle
We've had both success and failure with this dish, but enjoyed both. It can work well as a main course served with salad, or light vegetables. ..

Curried Eggs
An interesting side dish for spicier meals, accompanying rice and similar. Works well with a pick and mix meal. ..

Malvern Pudding
An old pudding recipe, not one I've seen for a while. We don't have this one very often, but we enjoy this wonderful fruity pudding when we do. ..

London Pudding
A fills-you-up pudding, very simple to make, tastes great, and thorouhly warming if you're out on a cold December evening. ..

Portuguese Rice
Just a simple veggie rice dish to add a little variety to boiled rice. Goes well with mild curries, salads, and all sorts really. ..

Egg Salad with Homemade Mayonnaise
Homemade mayonnaise can feel time-consuming, especially with the vigorous whisking it needs. But the taste test really does highlight the difference. ..

Potato Snow
A very pretty dish, looks good on a laid out table and always gets the 'Oooh what's that?' An ideal potato dish to go alongside a wide variety of main meal recipes. ..

Swiss Eggs
A very light continental bite, its a quick lunch dish especially if you are already baking with a hot oven. A nice light meal when your friends are round during the day. ..

Vegetarian Scotch Eggs
Meat-free vegetarian Scotch eggs for those packed lunches, picnics, buffet parties and family salads. ..

Clares wonderful warming winter vegetable cobblerClare's wonderful warming winter vegetable cobbler
This recipe is from Ainsley Harriott's book 'Gourmet Express 2'. When you come across one of those recipes that really tickles your taste buds, this is one of those. ..

Spanish Rice
A very simple and reasonably healthy rice dish suitable for veggies everywhere. ..

Savoury Rice Croquettes
A little like potato croquettes, but a whole lot healthier, these vegetarian rice croquettes can be used as a replacement potato dish, or as a main course in their own right. ..

Vegetarian Savoury Pie
A nice solid savoury pie recipe for vegetarians, something to base other vegetables around. ..

Spinach Dumplings
We have only tried this veggie recipe for Spinach dumplings the once, but we did enjoy them. Certainly a recipe we would recommend and will be trying again. ..

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