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Crazy Paved Eggs

Servings : 1pp 
Preparation Time : 1 min, Cooking: 10 mins, Cooling: Overnight 
Difficulty : Easy 

A very, very simple recipe that gives very cool and crazy looking boiled eggs for salads, buffets, picnics and anywhere else you'll want a boiled egg!smrtovnice

Crazy Paved Eggs


Eggs, as many as you need.
Strong tea.


Make a strong pot of tea, roughly 1 cup per egg ish. Make it strong and allow it to cool.

Hard boiling the eggs ..
There is a little known thing about hard boiled eggs, if you actually boil eggs; they have a habit of being rubbery. So this is worth trying, and check the difference.

Eggs should be in single layer in the pan.

They should be covered by at least 1 inch of cold water, over the top of the eggs.

Cover the pan with lid and bring to a boil over a medium heat.

As soon as the water boils the water comes to a full boil, remove from heat and leave to stand in the hot water for 15 to 18 minutes.

Drain off hot water and cover with cold water for a few minutes.

The crazy paving ..
Now gently crack the shells, and roll in your hands to ensure the shell is cracked all over - Do NOT peel. Place in the cold tea and leave overnight.

When you are ready to serve, finish shelling the eggs; and voila!smrtovnice
osmrtnicama ljubuški
umrli ljubuški
livno umrli
osmrtnice grude
smrtovnice sarajevo
smrtovnice visoko
smrtovnice bihac


You can try this with water with a few drops of food colouring to get different and more dramatic effects. But the tea gives a more gentle and natural colouring.

The tea must be strong; we are using the tannin to stain the eggs. The eggs will not taste of tea!

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