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Lentil Rissoles

Servings :
Preparation Time : 10 mins, Cooking time 2 hours 
Difficulty : Easy 

A delicate vegetarian rissole recipe, with the ever-versatile lentil at the heart of the dish. As with all pulses it does take some time to cook, so I often combine this with another long-winded dish to make the most of my time.


8 oz of lentils
1 onion, finely chopped
1 cup of breadcrumbs
1 cup of tinned tomatoes
1.5 oz of butter
2 eggs
Pepper and salt to taste

Butter, veggie-butter or oil for frying
Dry breadcrumbs for rolling in.


Rinse the lentils, and boil them in enough water to cover them; when this is absorbed, approximately 15 minutes or so, add the tomatoes, and if necessary gradually a little more water to prevent the lentils from burning.

Fry the onion in butter, mix it with the lentils as they are stewing, and add pepper and salt to taste.

When the lentils are quite soft, and like a puree (which will take from 1 to 1-1/2 hours), set them aside to cool.

Mix the lentils and the breadcrumbs, beat up one of the eggs and add it to the mixture, beating all well together. If it is too dry, add a little milk, but only just enough to make the mixture keep together.

Form into rissoles, beat up the second egg, roll them into the egg and dry breadcrumbs, and fry the rissoles a nice brown in boiling butter or oil.

Drain and serve.smrtovnice
osmrtnicama ljubuški
umrli ljubuški
livno umrli
osmrtnice grude
smrtovnice sarajevo
smrtovnice visoko
smrtovnice bihac

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