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Popular Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian recipes, those looked at, requested and printed the most.

French Onion Soup
A cheesy alternative for French onion soup, well worth a try. ..

Broccoli Chowder
A real American recipe for Veggie Broccoli Chowder. For all those in the UK who watch the films, and idly wonder what a chowder is, here's your chance :o) ..

Pizza Dough
Home made pizza dough wins hands down each time. So much more flavour than the frozen ready to go alternatives. Add your own favourite toppings, and its such a quick and simple pastry to make. ..

Grilled Vegetables with Balsamic Marinade
Pretty good for veggie BBQs. ..

Quorn and Mushroom Stroganoff
Tasty family recipe using the ever versatile Quorn pieces ..

Vegetarian Haggis
We are vegetarian ourselves and were due to entertain some Scottish friends close to Burns night. We started looking for a vegetarian haggis alternative, initially just messing about. It took an age to find, but this is it, and I think worth the sear ..

Boiled Basmati Rice
Perfect Basmati rice. ..

Italian Soup
I keep this easy vegetarian soup recipe on hand for when I end up with a block of dried out cheese. Or when we have a different cheese with a harder rind. It is a tasty recipe, different according to the cheese used and very easy to make. ..

Indian Dosai
Dosai is a pancake-like South Indian dish. ..

Favourite Macaroni Pie
A simple macaroni recipe without any cheese in sight. It could not be any simpler to make and it works well. ..

Tsiziki Sauce
This is good over roasted veggies stuffed into a pita. It would also be good as a dressing on a potato and roasted vegetable salad. ..

Moroccan Style Vegetarian Couscous
Straight forward vegetarian couscous recipe with a taste of northern Africa to it. Super quick and great with salads and more. ..

Warm Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
Taste fix for salads and light bites. ..

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies what else needs to be said ... hmmm! ..

Vegetable Somasa Filling
This is also a fantastic filling for toasted sandwiches, or any sandwich for that matter. ..

Chinese Spring Rolls
Who doesn't go crazy for chinese spring rolls. Finger food or alongside a decent chinese meal like sweet and sour ..

French Soup
A hearty soup recipe I'd recommend, simple to make and reasonably inexpensive too. ..

Stuffed Green Peppers
Another works-well recipe, you can vary the ingredients and alter it to suit your tastes. Generally server with a green salad. ..

Green Lentil Vegetarian Chilli
Green Lentil Chilli, mild works so well. ..

Bread Soup
A thoroughly filling and warming winter soup for veggies. ..

Green Bean Casserole
Cheatingly simple green bean casserole, for those like me - often in a rush. Or who think they can't cook! ..

Spanish Rice
A very simple and reasonably healthy rice dish suitable for veggies everywhere. ..

Bread and Cheese Savoury
A tasty filler with limited ingredients, another one from my student days of minimal budgets. ..

Good Vegan Lasagna
A surprisingly good vegan lasagna recipe. I'm not normally a great fan of tofu, but I do get in specially for this particular veggie lasagne recipe. ..

Vegetarian Garlic Chicken
Heart Healthy Meatless Meal. ..

Banbury Cakes
A very traditional Banbury cake recipe. ..

Pasta Shells Florentine
There are so many pasta dishes open to vegetarians and this is one of my preferred recipes. ..

Rock Cakes
Go on, you probably haven't made these since school. And they'll probably be a lot better now you have a bit more experience. ..

Vegetable Curry
For this recipe it is important to prepare everything first as cooking then becomes simple. ..

Pasta Dough
Once you've tried homemade pasta, it will half your usage of packet pasta. So different, a real genuine taste and texture ... this is how pasta is meant to be. ..

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