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Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Portuguese Rice
Just a simple veggie rice dish to add a little variety to boiled rice. Goes well with mild curries, salads, and all sorts really. ..

Potato Masala
Potato Masala, an accompaniment to Dosai, Chapati, etc. ..

Potato Puff
A simple potato recipe for when you have surplus boiled, mashed or new potatoes from the day before. ..

Potato Sausages
They're potato croquettes really, but the kids like sausages and these do well from time to time and make a reasonable vegetarian sausage recipe. ..

Potato Snow
A very pretty dish, looks good on a laid out table and always gets the 'Oooh what's that?' An ideal potato dish to go alongside a wide variety of main meal recipes. ..

Potato Wedges
Excellent buffet choice, side dish for evenings, starter too. ..

Potatoes In White Sauce
Super simple, something a little different for potatoes. ..

Quick Lush Pilaf Rice
Made it a few times now, it gets the big thumbs up from the whole family. (Even if the kids wont try the curry it gores with). You can vary the recipe a little; it doesn’t hurt, as long as the ingredients are cut small. ..

Roasted Fennel
I’ve had fennel from veg boxes in the past and been at a loss to know what to do with them, this is one of the recipes I’ve come across that works well, though Fennel is still something of an acquired taste. ..

Wild Rice & Egg Scramble
Tasty rice dish to accompany other oriental or Asian main meals ..

Grilled Sweetcorn with Lime Butter
Lush little side dish. ..

Quorn Spring Rolls with Chilli & Coriander Dipping Sauce
Spring rolls are usually high in fat as they’re deep fried, but this light oil brush and bake option reduces their fat content considerably. ..

Saag Aloo
Perfect Sag Aloo to accompany a wide range of Indian dishes ..

Sauté New Potatoes
Just a potato dish to go alongside any other veggie main course ..

Savoury Rice Croquettes
A little like potato croquettes, but a whole lot healthier, these vegetarian rice croquettes can be used as a replacement potato dish, or as a main course in their own right. ..

Spinach Bake
Super simple spinach bake, mix everything and bake for 20-25 minutes. A very healthy vegetable dish. ..

Spinach Dumplings
We have only tried this veggie recipe for Spinach dumplings the once, but we did enjoy them. Certainly a recipe we would recommend and will be trying again. ..

Spinach Timbales
A super recipe for spinach :o) ..

Strawberry Slush
Super breakfast strawberry slush. ..

Sweet Potato Croquettes
Super sweet croquettes. ..

Vegetarian Sausages
Not a perfect recipe, not for a complete alternative to real sausages. But nice from time to time, okay as a munchie, and not bad with beans and mashed potato every now and then. ..

Terrific Eggplant
Virtually fat free eggplant. ..

Tomato and Onion Cachumbar
One of those wonderful Indian side dishes that go with the Naan breads and anything else for that matter. Exceptionally easy and a great accompaniment. ..

Tricolored Pepper Sauté
Colourful side dish, to accompany other veggie dishes. ..

Triple Corn Fritters
A taste of the USA with this corn fritter receipe suitable for vegetarians everywhere. ..

Tropical Berry Smoothie
And another super quick breakfast smoothie. ..

Vegetable rice medley
Like a home made savoury rice .. just very straight forward. ..

Yoghurt raita
Easy and very lovely side dish for a multitude of Indian Dishes ..

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