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Recently Added Vegetarian Recipes

Recently added vegetarian recipes.

White Sauce
Classic white sauce - or bechamel - really is not as difficult to make as most people think. This white sauce is used in hundreds of recipes, and you can add an unlimited range of ingredients to make a different sauce; cheese, parsley, onion, etc. ..

Quorn Lasagne
A perfect vegetarian recipe for quorn mince. You'd never know you were not eating a traditional lasagne. ..

Pizza Dough
Home made pizza dough wins hands down each time. So much more flavour than the frozen ready to go alternatives. Add your own favourite toppings, and its such a quick and simple pastry to make.prodaja stanova pik smrtovnice avaz . ..

Caper Soup
A vegetarian soup recipe for when you want something a little different. ..

Tigers Eyes Sandwiches
Use only fresh free range eggs for this different egg recipe, aging battery eggs don't tend to hold up so well and you can see your masterpiece collapse just down to egg quality. ..

Fluffy Omelet
Light and fluffy omelet recipe; excellent for the light lunches. ..

Holiday Eggnog
Eggnog for those rare occaisions. ..

Cabbage Soup - French
I think this is an older recipe than most for cabbage soup, it goes down well, and has plenty of the healthy stuff for a pick-me-up when you're under the weather. ..

Lyonnaise Potatoes
A potato dish for when you want something plain and a little different. ..

Onion Sauce
Nice straight forward recipe for Onion sauce that goes well with a variety of other vegetarian recipes. ..

Potato Puff
A simple potato recipe for when you have surplus boiled, mashed or new potatoes from the day before. ..

Bread Soup
A thoroughly filling and warming winter soup for veggies. ..

Lemon Biscuits
Easy peasy lemon biscuits. I believe the original recipe, now quite old, used dripping instead of margerine. But being vegetarian, I substitute with a good hard baking margerine, and the recipe seems to work just as well. ..

Yorkshire Tea Cakes
Yum, yum Yorkshire Tea Cakes for veggies! ..

Italian Soup
I keep this easy vegetarian soup recipe on hand for when I end up with a block of dried out cheese. Or when we have a different cheese with a harder rind. It is a tasty recipe, different according to the cheese used and very easy to make. ..

Egg Noodles
Excellent veggie egg noodles for to accompany a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and recipes. ..

Hush Puppies
A quick and simple recipe for vegetarian hush puppies. ..

Cauliflower Soup
A nice and basic cauliflower soup recipe for veggies everywhere. ..

Artichoke Soup
We once had a veg basket with artichokes in, and no idea of what to do with them. This is one of the recipes we experimented with and were pleasantly surprised.smrtovnice

Super Soup
Big pan, super soup for cold winters, tight budgets and heart warming meals. ..

Macaroni Cheese
A macaroni cheese recipe that works well for me. Another good vegetarian recipe with pasta at the core. ..

Mushroom Gravy
A suitable veggie gravy that goes with almost any dish where you would want gravy. ..

Peanut or Cashew Butter Sauce
A peanut or cashew butter sauce recipe that goes well with rice fettuccine. Try using a creamy nut butter for better results. ..

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