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Recently Added Vegetarian Recipes

Recently added vegetarian recipes.

Celery Soup
An old celery soup, which calls for sago, which I guess is little used these days. ..

Vermicelli Soup
It can be impossible to find saffron these days, but when you can, this is on of those old recipes that was written for it. ..

Aubergine Casserole
Aubergine casserole, that would be Eggplant for the Americans. Works well. ..

Cheesy Potato Casserole
A nice potato main course for the odd occaision. ..

Sugar Free FruitCake Cookies
Sugar and egg free recipe for fruitcake shorties. Think this makes it ideal for diabetics too. ..

Baked Cheddar Toast
Certainly not a vegan recipe, but a thoroughly tasty one, good for lunches and light snacks. ..

Vegetarian Cornbread
A vegetarian slant on a popular cornbread recipe. No tasty nibbles of bacon in this one though. ..

Vegetarian Sausages
Not a perfect recipe, not for a complete alternative to real sausages. But nice from time to time, okay as a munchie, and not bad with beans and mashed potato every now and then. ..

Pea Soup
A slow cooking recipe for pea soup. A memorable winter warmer. Best with crusty bread and generous with a good margerine. ..

Macaroni Stew
An easy recipe for Macaroni stew. ..

Vegetarian Potato hash
One of my childhood favourite dishes was potato hash, made by my mother, my grandmother and my great gran too. (Though my mums was best). Traditionally made with corned beef from the tin, potato hash is one of the childhood flavours and smells you c ..

Green Lentil Vegetarian Chilli
Green Lentil Chilli, mild works so well. ..

Veggie Hungarian Goulash
A vegetarian slant on the Hungarian dish the Hungarians seem to have never heard of. Works well though, another of the favourites. ..

Bean and Vegetable Chili
A delicious, fast vegetarian chili thick enough to serve as a filling for burritos. ..

Leek Soup
One of my daughters favourite soup recipes. ..

Clear Celery Soup
A light clear soup that goes well with crusty chunks of bread and a quiet moment. ..

Carrot Soup 3
A healthy, filling carrot soup recipe ..

Irish Soda Bread
Super soft soda bread for veggies and anyone on an egg free diet. I make this to accompany many of my favourite veggie soup recipes. ..

Vegetarian Curry
A colourful veggie curry that hits the spot, and only takes about half an hour to make all told. You can also add different vegetables or drop others according to what you've got available. You just need to keep the coconut cream handy in the cupboar ..

Rice and Green-Pea Soup
Another simple soup recipe for veggies. ..

Cake Doughnuts
Oh just yum-yum, I'll eat them all on my own, donuts / doughnuts. Not an every day recipe, or shouldn't be, be nice that naughty every now and then. ..

Tortilla Roll-Ups
Something for the buffet when you're sick of vol-au-vents. A definite change of pace, and you can be sure of an empty plate. ..

Spinach Dip
A couldn't - be - any - simpler, Spinach dip recipe. ..

Turnip and Rice Soup
You're looking at the vegetable tray, at the turnips you bought on a whim and are wondering, okay what do I do with you? ... read on .. ..

French Soup
A hearty soup recipe I'd recommend, simple to make and reasonably inexpensive too. ..

Seafarer's Pasta Salad
One of my favourite salads for the buffet table. ..

Arkansas Hush Puppies
Super, super simple hush puppies for the buffet table. ..

Deviled Eggs
A good egg recipe for the buffet table. Quick and easy to make. ..

Oxfordshire Pudding
This is a delicious pudding if properly made; it should be firm, but not dry. ..

Banbury Cakes
A very traditional Banbury cake recipe. ..

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