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Recently Added Vegetarian Recipes

Recently added vegetarian recipes.

Easy Kid Friendly Tuna Salad
Ultra simple, tuna salad.prodaja stanova pik smrtovnice avaz ..

Freezer French Toast
If you ever have french bread go hard on you, here is a veggie recipe to try, other than dipping in your favourite soup! ..

Pancakes for every occaision, server with lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. Or use to hold a variety of sweet or savoury fillings. ..

Strawberry Slush
Super breakfast strawberry slush. ..

Tropical Berry Smoothie
And another super quick breakfast smoothie. ..

Orange Peach Smoothie
And another super quick breakfast smoothie. ..

Blue Strawberry Smoothie
Another super quick breakfast smoothie. ..

Blackberry banana smoothies
Super quick breakfast smoothie. ..

Cajun Quorn Burgers with Salsa
Another recipe for the ever diverse qourn, with a full cajun taste. ..

Bombay Potatoes
Low fat version of bombay potatoes. All the flavour and no dieters guilt required.smrtovnice osmrtnice ..

Deep Dish, Low Fat, Apple Pie
Low fat apple pie for those veggies on a diet too. ..

Easy Vegetarian Lasagna
Big portion recipe for a tasty vegetarian lasagne. You can scale this one down a little, but when you're serving for greater numbers this one fits the bill. ..

Rice Krispies Treats
As simple recipe you can make with the kids. ..

Potato & Cauliflower Curry
A real taste of India, with a genuine Indian curry recipe, suitable for vegetarians. ..

Anchovy Sauce
Wonmderful anchovy sauce recipe to be served with linguine. ..

Amish Brown Sugar Pie
An apparently genuine Amish recipe, and I was told from Marsha Adams 'Cooking from Quilt Country'. ..

Salad of asparagus and new potatoes, with gorgonzola and basil
Upmarket salad. ..

Asparagus and pea spring minestrone soup
Hardly a day to day recipe, but lovely on those special occasions. ..

Chinese Spring Rolls
Who doesn't go crazy for chinese spring rolls. Finger food or alongside a decent chinese meal like sweet and sour ..

This is an easy to make appetizer that is always a hit. It is also a good recipe to make with your kids. ..

Big Portion Chunky Meatless Chili
Cooking for larger numbers, this is the Meatless Chili recipe I used for those odd occaisons. Often too for a baked potato topping. ..

Veggie Rounds
Theses are so yummy you won't be able to stop eating them! ..

Breakfast scones
Something different in the morning?prodaja stanova pik smrtovnice avaz ..

Potatoes In White Sauce
Super simple, something a little different for potatoes. ..

Quorn Samosas
Do you miss those little Samosas. Try a pretty good veggie samosa recipie. ..

Terrific Eggplant
Virtually fat free eggplant. ..

Lentil & Rice Soup
A simple soup that can be adapted to taste. Like adding at least another cup of veggies - like chopped carrots or zucchini. I've also added a bit of curry and it was very tasty. Play with it! ..

Sweet Chopped Chunky Pasta
I was on my way home on Ground Hog Day and I got hungry, so I hopped off the C train at Lafayette street and hit PathMark on Flatbush for some ingredients to cook with. I had two things in mind. Hot and Sweet. I literally skipped through he isles, an ..

Cinnamon Rolls
All flavor, more-ish cinnamon rolls. ..

Sweet Roll Dough
A sweet bread dough that can be used in a wide variety of other recipes. ..

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