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Most Excellent Veggie Chili

Servings :
Preparation Time : 20 mins, Cooking: 90 mins 
Difficulty : Easy 

One of the better meatfree chili recipes for vegetarians. Served with a wholemeal rice, or rounds of buttered fresh bread.


2 cans red kidneys beans
2 cans garbanzo beans*
3 cans whole plum tomatoes
1 massive carrot
1 onion
1/2 of a large green pepper
1/2 of a large red pepper
1lb of extra firm tofu, fresh if possible
olive oil
cayenne pepper, salt, coriander, to taste


Wash all the dry ingredients.

Mash the tofu with a fork.

Dice the carrot, peppers, and onion so that they're about the size of the beans.

Add ingredients with some water to a pot, not too much just enough for the carrot, and other ingredients to cook.

Add salt, olive oil, and cayenne pepper to taste; about 8 dashes of cayenne pepper will make it mildly hot, 12 dashes will make it spicy.

Simmer on a low heat until everything's cooked; probably about 1.5 hours. Stir frequently, if not continuously, or else the heavy stuff will burn at the bottom of the pan.

Serve hot, garnish with something like mango chutney to mute the spiciness.

Serves well with bread or rice.

* Garbanzo beans aren't the easiest thing to find in the UK, I usually substitute frozen sweetcorn, garden peas, tinned chickpeas or similar.

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