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Vegetable Curry

Difficulty : Easy 

For this recipe it is important to prepare everything first as cooking then becomes simple.


2 pounds closed cup mushrooms
1 sweet potato and 1 ordinary potato
4 courgettes
2 large aubergines
2 large Spanish onions
3 tins chopped tomatoes
bunch fresh coriander leaves
lemon juice
1 tablespn. Canderel
2 tablespns. Oil
approx 3-4 inches ginger
2 long red or green chilies (if you like it hotter add more)

Dry Spices
1 tablspn. Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds, Ground coriander, Dhana Jeera, Garam Masala, Tandoori blend, Tumeric and Ground cumin, 1 tsp of chilli powder.


Wash, top and tail aubergines and slice lengthways into 4 slices. Approx. inch thick slices

Wash, top and tail courgettes and slice into bite size pieces.

Line 2 oven trays with silver foil and spray well with Fry Light. Place aubergine slices and sliced courgettes on the trays and spray well again. Bake in the oven until golden then turn re-spray and bake again taking care not to overcook the vegetables. (Aubergines burn easily) When cool cut aubergines into pieces, scissors are good for this.

Set aside aubergines and courgettes.

Peel both the potatoes and cut into bite sized chunks. Par boil until just soft but not enough to disintegrate. Drain and set aside.

Halve the mushrooms or even quarter them if huge, no need to peel if they are nice and white. Set aside.

Wash and de-seed chillies and cut into very thin strips. Wash, dry and de-stalk fresh coriander. Peel and grate ginger and set aside chillies, ginger and coriander leaves.

Peel onions and chop in quarters and then again leaving largish slices..set aside

Heat 2 tablspns. oil in very large saucepan.

Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When mustard seeds start to pop they and the cumin seeds are liable to burn so keep a watchful eye. They also spit so be careful.

Add grated ginger, chopped chillies and de-stalked fresh coriander leaves. Keep mixing for a minute until cooked.

Add chopped onions and keep mixing until edges of onions become light brown. At this stage the oil will be used up, but if you keep mixing there will be no need to add more oil. If necessary add fry light instead. When everything is cooked remove entire contents to a side dish.

Add mushrooms to the now empty pan and use fry light if necessary. Mix until almost cooked through. Return mixture of onions, chillies, coriander and ginger to the large pan. Mix well and add all the dry spices in one go to the pan stirring in well.

Cook out the spices for a further 2-3 minutes and mix from time to time. Add the 3 tins tomatoes and mix well.

Add the pre-cooked vegetables .potatoes, courgettes and aubergines and mix well. Turn down the heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Add S&P to taste.

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